“Therefore encourage one another…”
~1 Thessalonians 5:11

Naysayers are everywhere. Tell them your dreams and they will immediately tell you that you can’t achieve them. Some will even tell you why you can’t achieve them, listing your shortcomings one by one. Or worse, some will regurgitate your past “failures” in gory details, reminding you in so many words, that in their humble opinion, you’re just a screw-up. It’s hard to find people who will tell you to go for your dreams, for dreams are precarious, nebulous and ephemeral. They make a lot of people nervous. The naysayers want you to pursue something solid and secure, something less silly or “out there.”  But the truth is, there isn’t any security in life. So, why not go for what you want—what you love? You’ll be following God’s desire for you if you do.

Our dreams aren’t there by mistake. God put them there. He quietly nudges us to pursue what He’s telling us. It’s up to us ignore the naysayers and to pursue our dreams through the talents He gave us. And, it is up to us to avoid being a naysayer when someone shares their dreams with us. Instead of putting others down, let’s encourage others to pursue the dreams that God has whispered to them, no matter how silly, or out of reach, they may sound.



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