In the early morning, I taped a sign to my garden fence telling friends and neighbors of my impending move. For almost eight years, the garden has been a sacred space that attracted people from all over. Now, it’s time to leave, to start a garden in my new home up near the Sierra Mountains. As I packed my spades and shovels, a woman I’ve said hello to over the years as she walked by the garden came and found me. “I can’t believe you are moving. I’m so sad, she said. 

We had, I am sure, exchanged names years ago, but I had forgotten hers. “Please remind me of your name, I said.
“Kris,” she said.

I reached out my arms and drew her to me. We held each other for a few moments. “I just wanted you to know what your garden and you have meant to me,” she said. “I’ve had so much heartache in my life. You’ve always smiled, and said hello. Even though we weren’t friends, you were often the only bright spot in my day.” Tears streamed down her face. We hugged again as my own tears found their way down my face.

After she left, I thought about how much we impact others lives. Oftentimes we aren’t aware of how deeply we touch each other. We don’t realize how little it takes to be a bright spot for someone. A sincere smile, a wave, a “How are you today?” can be just the thing someone needs.

We share God everytime we reach out with love and care for someone. Share God today. Smile. Say hello. Ask someone how they are doing. Take a few moments to be fully present with them. Be a beacon. Shine!


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