Consider it pure joy, my brothers, and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds…”
~James 1:2

The men, lost in the desert in the dark of night, cried out for God’s help. He sent an angel who told them to reach down and to pick up one of the stones at their feet and carry it with them as he led them out of the desert. As he bid them farewell once they got back to their route, he told them, “When you reach your destination, you will be happy and sad.” The men scratched their heads, not understanding.

When the men got to where they were going, one of them pulled the stone from his pocket. It was a gemstone! The other men pulled out their stones. They were all gemstones! They were so happy. Suddenly, they were sad. They realized that they had been walking on thousands of gemstones, but had only picked up only one. They had no idea where they had been so they couldn’t go back to find more. And that, my friend, is what happens to so many of us when we feel we are lost in the desert. We don’t see the jewels at our feet. If we are lucky, we take away one gem, when we could have had so many more!

There are gems right at your feet, even in your dark and lost times. Don’t take away only one. Look for the gifts all around you. Take away as many as you can. You don’t want to get back on track only to realize that you walked away from so many good things that you could have brought with you.



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