This place where you are right now
God circled on a map for you.

“I’m tired, God,” I said under my breath as I walked to the pond to feed the fish. “Tired of these problems that don’t seem to go away.” I stopped at the edge of the water and reached into the bag of food and grabbed a fistful. I threw it to the center of the pond. It scattered on the breeze then fell back to the earth, creating ripples that swam out in circles. “You are where you are supposed to be,” God said.

I watched the fish rise, their mouths open, hungry, searching. Like me, hungry and searching for answers, I thought. “You’re exactly in the right place,” God said.

“But it’s uncomfortable,” I whined.

“I was there before you, making the space sacred for you,” God explained.

“You were?”

“Of course,,” God said gently. “I’m with you now, walking with you through this chapter in your life, watching you grow.”

“These problems are growing me, I must admit,” I said as a fish cleared the water, gleaming in the light of the soft winter’s sun.

“Give thanks, then, instead of complaining,” God suggested. “You’ll feel better and you’ll grow even more.” “You are right where you are supposed to be, here, with me, with these challenges.”

I walked back up the hill as a flock of wild geese drew a long V across the sky, calling out to one another. I stopped and listened as the ribbon of them disappeared over the pines. “Thank you,” I said, and then moved my feet once again, towards the house, towards the fullness of my life.




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